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My recent paintings are inspired by our trips to Paris and New York City,where we spent some months painting and photographing everyday life in these cities we love! All work is issued with a certificate of authenticity. There is a 14 day return policy.My art and photographs are also sold on Saatchiart/jotuck Do email , love to hear from you !.. "On gallery 2 there are Black & White photographs taken while we were in living in Paris .

Paris-Tuilersi-manseated,oil painting for sale
oil on paper.figurative
Paris-Eiffel Tower oil painting for sale 2024
figurative,fine art.
"Paris-Tuileries Garden Blues ",
This is a painting of Paul in his summer hat , who, after a hard mornings sightseeing in Paris, plonked himself down in front of the lake in the Tuileries Garden, Paris, and declared he was looking for his youth ! 2024
"Paris-Eiffel Tower In The Spring "
Size:24x30 inches"
This is a painting of the Eiffel Tower in Spring. 2024
New York Central Park-Reindeer and Skaters New York central park  - skater and reindeer, oil painting for sale
"New York Central Park- Reindeer And Skaters"
Size:24x30 inches"
"This is a painting inspired by ice hockey players in Central Park 2024
"Paris-Love Is In The Air "
Size: 12x16 inches"
This painting was inspired by an everyday scene in Paris. 2024
 oil painting ,New York Busker Paris Cafe-Montmartre figurative painting for sale 2024
"Paris Cafe-Very Nice Pizza"
"Paris Cafe Montmartre -Waiting For A Friend "
Size: 20x16 inches"
Paris year of The Tiger parisian walking Paris-In Search Of Dejeuner ,dog,bike cafe ,oil painting for sale
"Paris -The year Of The Tiger "oil "
Size:12x16 inches"
Oil Painting for sale 2024
"Paris Cafe-Parsian Cycling with his Dog "
Size:20x16 inches"
Everday Paris cafe scene oil painting 2024
Painting oil,puffin villge Painting, oil,lanscape,devon
"Landscape Scotland-Lost Puffin"
OIL on canvas ,2023
"Landscape-Wish You Were Here ! "
Size: 24x30inches"
oil on canvas 2023
Painting,oil,fish and fruit,still life,
"After The Rain "
mixed OIL on canvas 2020 SOLD
"Fish Looking At Fruit"
Size: 24x20inches"
OIL on Canvas 2023

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